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Tips Every Player Needs To Know

Tips Every Player Needs To Know


Tips Every Player Needs To Know

Increases Intelligence

The intelligence which increases your hacking ability this isn’t an end-all build talking about but from my experience, these three attributes are much more helpful to upgrade than others reflexes and stuff like that can be useful too stealth but even pretty much-unupgraded stealth isn’t hard to do and like we said reflexes can be useful but a flat health increase is just better than these one percent minor upgrades you get from putting points into reflexes the other main reason to put points into the body.


Our favorite perks are stuff that you might not just immediately find obvious there’s a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 perks Native Gamer to buy and it can be pretty overwhelming game just put all your perks into upgrading your abilities with that weapon let’s say but certain perks pretty much everybody should get.

Increases Your Carrying Capacity

Increases your carrying capacity by 60 and you will be picking up so much junk in this game you absolutely need that it might annoy you that headshots don’t do a ton of damage there are things that you can do to mitigate that, for instance, Rio bravo increases headshot damage on pistols while nerves of steel does the same from sniper rifles even better is frozen precision which increases headshot damage by 50 it’s incredibly good but you have to put 11 points into the cold blood tree before you can unlock it.

Cold Blood Perk

Looking at the cold blood perk seems like this stuff would be pretty powerful if you dumped enough perk points into it but we haven’t tested it yet so not really a hundred percent certain seems useful keep that in mind another really useful perk is blade runner which increases damage to drones mechs and robots these things usually require special weapons to fight so having a perk that just gives you flat damage increase with them is like crazy useful the perk we spy reveals enemy net runners when they’re attempting to hack you it’s essential and of course there’s advanced data mine which we already mentioned and is super useful if you’re trying to make a lot of easy money there’s a lot more but mainly you want perks that work together in some way basically dumping a lot of points into one tree will make you significantly stronger in whatever that skill is be it rifles or handguns or whatever at.

Do Not Get Hacked

Do Not Get Hacked now that probably sounds like obvious advice but probably the most annoying enemies you have to deal with in this game are netrunners who can hack you these are news bears they hide and if they can manage to hack you you’ll take constant damage as well as they have to deal with these annoying effects covering your screen basically the only way you can get hacked is if a net runner has line of sight on you the thing is they don’t need to be looking at you directly if a camera can see you so can a netrunner so if you’re in combat don’t just ignore cameras especially if you get a warning about a night runner being in the area shoot them get rid of the cameras probably the most useful thing you can deal with nut runners as the perk that we mentioned earlier we spy which highlights a netrunner when they’re trying to hack you these like to hide so being able to see where one is you can break line of sight is incredibly handy.

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