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Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Tips Every Player Needs to Know

Cyberpunk 2077 tips


Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Tips Every Player Needs to Know

Top five Cyberpunk 2077 Tips & Tricks that every player needs to know that I wish I had known when playing cyberpunk 2077 first things first and this isn’t an actual tip. It’s just a jumping-off point per se loot everything literally every single thing. You see that’s the rule you should always do this. It’s not new. It’s not unique to cyberpunk 2077 but its core to the foundation of this game. Once you realize how the ecosystem works and you always should be looting every single thing that you see Every single time it also helps that the game has no Thief system like Skyrim, for example, you won’t get the cops called or get attacked. You can just walk into someone’s home and steal everything they owned for your own benefit with no consequences. So again, just as a base Foundation loot every single thing.

1. Inventory management

The first thing to know is that all of these tips in the gameplay systems themselves tie directly back into one another and synergize extremely. Well, once you establish that you are looting everything that’s the basic foundation we need to properly Early manage your inventory space and there are a number of different things that can help you do that first.

Every single character will start with three basic attribute points in all categories right from Level 1. This is important because it guarantees that you can purchase the pack mule trait from the body attribute no matter what everybody can that’s one perk point for 60 extra carry capacity and it’s a very good idea to get very early on second for tip number 1 still were not on to tip number two yet.

But the second part of tip number one in the cyberwar tab, you will see a bunch of different slots one of which is a skeleton. The skeleton slot allows you to use items that boost your carry capacity among other things by a percentage which then amplifies the pack mule perk and even with just a basic white or green version which is very common and you can buy them.

Actually, I think from the Ripper docs you can get too much much higher numbers and the basic amount which will be a phenomenal quality of life and utility Improvement for your playthrough to get this mod and install it just visit Ripper docks around the city which can be found at the location of these icons and buy one from them or you can find one yourself if you’re killing enemies and you can have them install it after that as we said before in the foundational part, you want to be picking up every single thing you find and when your inventory is completely full deconstruct all the white and green weapons and clothing that you aren’t wearing keeping the blue and purple and legendary items intact and when you are completely full on blue and purple items deconstruct some of those that you don’t want as well. This allows you to accumulate crafting components have a huge inventory a lot of space and will become even more useful later on

2. Deconstruction

deconstruction and selling money in cyberpunk 2077. Evan will seem scarce. If you don’t really know how to get it efficiently and I’ll do an entire video on maximizing your farming to earn money quickly later on but in the same vein as inventory management, we need to talk about deconstruction as you loot everything anything that you see constantly you will get huge numbers of consumable food and drink items.

These items have no weight so you can stack them infinitely and just grab them all the time they pile up extremely fast. They’re really common on shelves and on bars and tables whatever and also for some reason you can deconstruct them like a coffee or soda de and get three green upgrade components for gear.

This is important because most of the food items that you get with a few exceptions, but for the most part are worth 10 credits when sold however when deconstructed they give three green components which are sellable worth eight credits each that’s an increase of a hundred forty percent. You not only increase the amount of money you would get even if you just sold two out of the three and not all three but the upgrade components are also useful for a myriad of other things later on again.

These tips do kind of feedback together in a sort of loop the Part is that food and drink items all have the same effects alcohol is bad for you and it all has identical debuffs water and soda is good with all the same positive benefit and the same with food and nourishment effects as well. However, there are tons of these items with just different names all over the world. So you can not only double the money that you earn when selling but also convert them into a component that is far more useful in mass quantities more often.

This is also true of most junk items. Most of the junk that you get in the game is worth 3 credits, I believe while once in a While you’ll get something that’s worth far more such as 750 you can deconstruct the worthless ones for an upgrade component One Singular instead of selling it directly and more than double your money. There is also a perk for this called Scrapper.

It’s up to you if you want to allocate a point for this or not, but the main thing is that food and drink items as well as all excess low-level healing items and a whole bunch more just anything worth under 8 or 24 if it gives three components or credits can be scrapped for upgrade components that are worth much more money. And more importantly, they’re far more useful tip.

Number three is skill functions and the skills in this game can take a little bit of time to figure out because it’s actually a multi-layered system there are attributes and then perks and one is significantly more important than the other attributes, which you choose at the beginning of the game where you have seven of them.

I believe the award is far more important because they dictate how much you can earn and how many abilities you can buy in their respective skill categories example, if I have level 16 cool, which I do I can access and Purchase most of the abilities in the subcategories for stealth and cold-blooded but that’s not all these skills stealth and cold-blooded also have their own independent progression rewards way down at the bottom which will gain experience. When you do certain activities most are pretty self-explanatory.

You level assault the skill assault by using assault weapons. You level the skill Blades by using katanas or knives or whatever else you level stealth the skill by sneaking and killing you get the point these skill progression rewards give you stat bonuses. As you level them up or sometimes most importantly perk points with each level these perk points get used to buying the abilities in the tree and it’s a rather interesting system where no matter what playstyle you use you will be rewarded for branching out no matter how much you want to min-max because you’ll get even more stats and perk points just from Gaining a few a couple of levels of hacking or crafting or whatever else.

So, why does this matter? Well, it matters because if you have let’s say level 3 intelligence, you can only get level 3 in the breach. Or quick hacking trees, as you can see for my level 3 intelligence leaves me capped out at level 3 breach protocol and I can’t keep going to unlock all the extra higher-level skill benefits including perk points because it’s capped out at 3 because my intelligence is three basically to level up the skills.

You need to first level. It’s attributed and that’s a big deal because attributes can never be reset at least if they can I haven’t found out how in my non-stop playtime just yet since launch what you can do is spend a hundred thousand credits, which is not a small thing not by Stretch, it takes a long time to get that amount and reset all of your Perks at a ripper doc but attributes are there for life.

So you need to be very careful about what you pick and why when you make a new character you get seven points, I believe in everything is level 3 by default, then you can level up to level 50 max level and that gives you a total of 56 points to allocate having carefully considered all the different skill trees. Maybe I’ll do a longer video on why and how later on the best ways to build our either 2020 18 9 9 As in your favorite two attributes like intelligence and cool for example will be 20 thereby granting access to all of their rewards and their sub-skills.

3. Choose Skills

Your third favorite attribute will be 18 and your least favorite to like like, I don’t know you’re least favorite to but the two that you don’t intend to use as much will be level 9 this gives you an excellent blend of stats and also maximizes your access to as many perk points as possible.

You could also have 20 in three categories if you wanted to if you were trying to min-max, but you would have to choose two other skills. Remain significantly lower essentially be sure of what you are doing when allocating attribute points because they are permanent and far less common than perk points sub-skills can only level to the equivalent level of their overarching attribute and having a well-rounded character after maximizing one or two attributes is the very very rewarding trip.

4. Best Weapons

The game breaks down weapons into three subcategories smart power and tech one of these is better than the others in almost every single situation and that is Tech basically a smart weapon will have homing bullets that seek out the target kind of they don’t do like complete circles around and they don’t like fully seek out a Target, but they’ll Bend to reach them power weapons will send your bullets ricocheting off walls and Tech weapons can shoot directly through objects.

Even at absurd lengths like stupidly absurd lengths as in 15 feet solid of concrete a tech weapon just shoots right through it. All three of these are just ways to get around cover essentially or to improve your aim in the case of smart weapons if you miss a lot I guess it Use for that application as well. However, two of them smart and power requires cybernetic mods in order to actually function that costs you money and money is not exactly easy to get and mostly what these guns are used for is hitting enemies who are behind cover or hitting enemies while you are behind cover Tech weapons should always be considered more carefully, especially a Precision or sniper rifle because it is the charged shot that goes through objects and not just every single bullet reason being though you do not need.

To buy any cybernetic enhancements from the Ripper doc to use them thus freeing up some of your money and you can just shoot through as much cover as you want with a Charged shot both yours and the enemies and generally speaking Tech weapons are just more efficient and more powerful early on in a lot of different circumstances. It’s not universally true. But if you’re having a hard time for instance grabbing a tech precision rifle will help tremendously as you progress through the game.

5. Iconic weapons and upgrades

Iconic weapons and upgrades remembering that we always loot everything know. Or what that we now have an inventory large enough to support that kind of playstyle. And then we also deconstruct whenever possible for maximum credits and components. We now have to use those components for the proper upgrades weapons in this game can be upgraded seemingly an infinite number of times.

Not only that but they have different upgrade costs based on their Rarity. This means that if you find a weapon such as an iconic special weapon or even a green one with a particular stat that you really like you can bring it up through the levels with you utilizing the components that you get from all the salvaging.

Along the way never ever deconstruct iconic weapons. I wish I had known this when I started because I actually deconstructed quite a few and you can always bring them up higher and higher and higher basically ensuring that if you are diligent enough about your component farming, you can use these forever and never out level them. This is true of any weapon you find and is cheaper based on Rarity.

I have been using this Widowmaker for a long time. I think it started at like a hundred damage maybe and I’ve been upgrading over and over and over as I progress until Now here it is still insanely powerful still actually probably more powerful than anything on level still my go-to choice, even 12 hours later after leveling a bunch of different times never deconstruct ever-iconic weapons, and don’t be afraid to just level up a green that is one good stat that you found that you really like a few times while you look for other options.

Basically, you can bring weapons with you forever, which is why we do all the deconstructing in the inventory management combined. These are five things that I really wish I knew before I went very far into the game because had I known all of it I Might have actually made very different decisions along the way next time.

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